5 Reasons Why You May Want a Forever Wedding Bouquet

With Wedding Season in full bloom, no pun intended, Forever Bouquets are on the rise. What is a Forever Bouquet, you ask? Okay, you didn't ask, but I will be glad to tell you. 

A Forever Bouquet is a customized poly-silk floral bouquet that you can keep....well, forever! 

David, our designer, can help you design your special bouquet out of flowers we carry here in the store, or you can bring in flowers you love. 

Each bouquet is hand assembled and is guaranteed to be what you envisioned. 


5 Reasons why you want a Forever Bouquet? 

  1. Poly-silk flowers never wilt and die. So you can have your bouquet made in advance, and it will still look beautiful on your wedding day. 
  2. It won't make you sneeze. Let's face it, there's already a lot of pollen out there. Real flowers are gorgeous, but no one wants a runny, itchy nose on her wedding day. 
  3. Love those daffodils & tulips, but want to get married in June? You can use flowers in your bouquet that are not in season. 
  4. Affordability! Generally, artificial flowers are less expensive than the real thing. And, let's face it, if you get the right flowers, no one knows the difference. 
  5. Live in Alabama but want to get married in New York City? A Forever Bouquet is easily transportable. Pack it in your carry on with peace of mind. 

Come by the store or call us today and let us help you create the bouquet of your dreams!