Employees, please complete the following so I can test your knowledge on receiving merchandise to see who needs help and with what. 

The Custom Order folder should always be checked when a new shipment arrives. Customers should be contacted as soon as possible who have requested certain products. *
I should NEVER complete a Receiving Merchandise Form until I have made EVERY effort to locate and attach the Purchase Order, Packing List, and Invoice. *
Items should be thoroughly inspected for damages and noted on the Receiving Merchandise Form. *
If ___________________, make a copy of the purchase order/invoice. Turn in the original purchase order with packing list with what was received. On the copy, mark off items received from the first shipment. Place copy of purchase order in purchase order folder until received. When received, follow checklist from beginning. *
A how to guide on how to process shipments can be found: *
Price stickers go: *
Most items received: *
When entering Purchase Orders into Talech, I should always enter the following: *
Check all that apply.
If a shipment doesn't come with a packing list I should: *
Check all that apply.
A key is a guide that shows what different colored highlighters mean, what checks mean, etc. Every order I help process should have a key. For example, if I use a green highlighter to check off received items, I should make a green mark on the paperwork and write "items received" so others know what my markings mean. *
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