Please answer the questions below using the Policies and Procedures Manual and the FAQ's sheets.

Name *
David Christopher's is an import company as well as a retail store? *
Customers earn____dollars in rewards for every $100 spent in the store. *
Customers can use rewards earned on the same day the reward was earned. *
What should I do if someone comes in wanting to sell an advertisement or seeking a donation? *
What should I do if suspect a shoplifter? *
Can a customer who has an automatic discount earn rewards? *
What do I do if a customer tells me he/she gets an automatic discount? *
What should I do if someone calls the store asking to speak to David, Jennifer, Kathy or Ricky? *
Customers who sign up for Hallmark's Gold Crown Rewards earn rewards on: *
What should I do if someone gives me a Hallmark coupon? *
If a customer brings an item to the register that rings up differently than what it is marked, what price is honored? *
What do I do if a SALE sign is left up accidentally, and a customer wants the price on the SALE sign, but the sale is over? *
Personal visitors during my shift should be limited. If I spend more than 5 minutes with a visitor, I must clock out before continuing to visit. *
Who is responsible for the daily checklist? *
Who do you contact if someone wants to return an item? *
Rewards earned are valid ____ days from the day they are earned. *
_____days notice is needed for time off requests. *
Each employee working 5-7 hours per day will be entitled to one ____minute lunch. *
I must clock out for my lunch. *
Use of my cell phone is strictly prohibited while I am on the clock. *
If I observe an employee breaking a set rule, I should let ______ know. *
If I am scheduled to work and can't, I should...... *
Any item $_____ or more can be gift wrapped for free. *
Non-sale items can be held for ___days. *
Sale items can't be placed on hold. *
What form should be completed when a new shipment is being completed? *
I am required to be at work during Open House, the day after Thanksgiving and the day after Christmas. *
If I work 8 hours or more, I will get one 30 minute lunch and two ____ minute breaks. *
I may ask for up to___ off per month and HR will do her best to work around my request. *
I should make sure my clothing are free of holes, tears, and rips. Jeans with "stylish" holes are NOT allowed. *
Bra straps and bralettes should be covered at all times. *
Attendance at Staff Meetings is mandatory. *
Due to Health Department Regulations and Professionalism: *
Shopping on the clock means shopping for myself or a friend/family member. This includes trying on merchandise, shopping while unpacking boxes, etc. I should always unpack shipments quickly and get it priced and put out before shopping. Shopping must only be done while I am not on the clock. *